Saturday, July 14, 2012

Big Sister Shared Her Chicken

We don't normally see these scenes in this house of my big Princess sharing her food to baby sister it's because she thinks baby sister's saliva is dirty. She doesn't know baby's saliva is cleaner than hers. Anything that touches the baby's hands or mouth will be wiped or refused by the big sister because of saliva in it.

 ne late afternoon last weekend we grilled some meats including chicken drumsticks. As soon as the chickens were done, the big Princess asked for a leg. Since this doesn't normally happen, I made sure I captured it with my camera for keeps. I hope in the future Jadyn will change and sharing her stuff and food with her sister is more fun than keeping them all to herself.


Gamz said...

that's nice, cute kids!

Travel and Tours Destinations Guru said...

Good Job Jadyn =) Always remember, sharing is good!


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