Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In Control Of Her Shows

My eldest at four years old is showing some smartness in her. I know I may sound exaggerating because I am her mother but I can pretty much tell she is smart than other kids I know. She is the kind of girl if you tell her things, she would absorb it right away. If you try to teach her something, rest assured she will get it and learn things fast.

I am a busy mom of two so it is not at all times I can attend her needs like turning on her shows so I taught her once or twice from the past how to turn on t.v first of course then how to get to qubo, Netflix, TiVo and the PS3. At first she watched kiddie's shows on the regular channel on qubo and eventually she got tired of that she upgraded to TiVo since there are shows suitable for her that I recorded. Somehow she watched them all too soon so she then moved to Netflix.

I tell you, she could switch from Netflix, TiVo, t.v and PS3 without asking me or her daddy anymore. I was amazed how intellectual this little girl of ours is. In fact, she knows pretty well how to browse on Netflix now when it comes to looking for a kiddie show. At night time, when it is our turn to watch our movie and she is still sitting there watching her show, we would ask her to stop her show because we want our movie or we just get the PS3 controller and stop her show. If she sees how you just exit from Kids Netflix without stopping the program first, she'd correct you as if she is smarter than us! She truly is a high tech girl that we don't need to be telling her these things anymore.

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