Monday, April 23, 2012

Busy And Productive Day

Huh! That was such a busy and productive Monday for the mommy in this house. I wasn't planning of doing those things today but for some reason I felt like doing them. I've been meaning to clean the bathrooms but I didn't set the time and day as to when I was going to clean them. But today, I didn't feel lazy at all.

First off, I cleaned the kitchen appliances ( duh just the outer part of the refrigerator, cleaned the inside of the microwave) wiped thoroughly the countertops and cabinet doors and sink. After the kitchen I went to the bathroom adjacent to Jadyn's room. Took me a good 30 minutes to clean the whole area. The baby was getting whiny but I proceeded to the master's bathroom anyway.

While I was working fast, the baby cried louder and louder which got me irritated so much. The only thing I didn't do was my husband's side of sink, I don't worry I didn't clean it though for he is not using that sink so  there's not much to do in their, just maybe some dust but I could easily wipe it tomorrow. So two of our bathrooms are squeaky clean now, toilet bowls are white and sparkling, floors are swept and mirrors are clear. 

An hour after that, I went to enjoy the cool temperature outside by watering my two big plant beds in the front yard which took me an hour to do the thing. My job didn't end there. After watering, I had to feed my two girls and myself as well. Ye's I've done so much today which I rarely do. No wonder I feel a bit exhausted right now. Life of a housewife and a mother. My chores seem endless!

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