Thursday, April 12, 2012

Baby Built-In GPS?

It is flattering that my baby girl is so close to mommy than her dada. I mean, she is close to her dada too but she would prefer being with mommy over dada. For all you know, I am a care taker of my children 24/7 so it is understandable we share a special kind of bond that even when the little one is sleeping she looks for mommy's scent and warm touch. 

With that being said, I am just out of words to describe the intellect my baby has or is it just her nature? She just knew where to find her mommy even if I am out of sight. Several times she proves it to me. One instance, I left her with her dada in the study room so I can lay down in our bed to relax. Not long after I was gone, she slowly crawled to our bedroom making baby babbles. I did not make any noise or sounds nor make a single move so afraid that she could detect me I was in that room. She continued to crawl even if it was a bit dark and go around to my side of the bed.... take note, our bed is so high that a crawling baby cannot see what's on top of the bed yet she continued her journey to where I was lying down. 

I was just shaking my head and full of disbelief! Another instance that just happened 30 minutes ago, same setting dada and Megan were left here in the study room and Jadyn and I went to the master's bathroom and took a shower. When the baby realized mommy was no longer around, she crawled to where the bathroom is and one thing I knew she was already right outside the shower curtain. 

Can somebody out there explain it to me why such a baby of only 9 months old so smart doing things like these? Did she smell my scent that leads her to my location? Or she somehow has the intuition or a baby built-in GPS or something that locates her mommy? LOL!

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