Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Virgin A Big Problem?

I just grabbed this from my friend's album on FB. I thought this was weird. Why? Because why is it such a big problem in America if you are still a virgin? In the Philippines where I came from, being a virgin means you are chaste. Being virgin is a good thing. Keeping yourself intact for your future husband is like keeping a diamond in your pocket.

I am a woman who believes the most precious gift you can ever give to your spouse is your virginity and I solemnly swear I did it and it felt great! For that loser who left a nasty comment about having a one night stand with me in Cebu before, he was making fun of himself because the only person I had sex with in the Philippines was my husband.

I don't even remember leaving our house at night just to screw up some sex-hungry Westerners. I was always the traditional woman who believes sex is sacred and I just can't give it out to somebody I don't even know.

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