Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Brother Is Getting Married

Everybody in the family is excited for my brother and his fiancee's big day. As of this moment they are still waiting on the papers needed for the wedding. I am pretty sure they are getting there and they could be wed probably next week. My family have gone to the girl's place in Danao City for "pamanhikan", a Filipino tradition wherein both families face together and talk about the wedding. It is also when the guy ask the girl's hands and blessings from her parents to marry their daughter.

Pretty sure, they are so busy right now looking at possible wedding bands and or
diamond wedding bands. If I were them I would be very anxious choosing which pair should best look in our hands. I hope my brother considered looking at engagement rings and gave Jen one. But it's okay too if she doesn't have one since Filipinos don't normally give their fiancees an engagement ring.

Furthermore, I feel bad about not being able to witness my brother's wedding. My flight is on the 23rd of next month so it's impossible that I can be at his big day. Also, I might not see him when I get there. He just can't wait for his niece to arrive before he would go abroad again. Sigh!

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