Thursday, October 14, 2010

Majorca villas

So as I was saying in my other blog post, I received our electronic tickets yesterday as well as the itinerary. This would only mean one thing, we are so ready to fly now just waiting for that very day we most anticipated to come. Yahoooo I am so anxious to have a vacation in my hometown. I miss the people, the place, the beach, the food, the family, friends and relatives. I miss everything about my country so to speak. And for that I can no longer sleep well at night thinking that we are getting closer to be on the plane and see my beloved country.

Baby and I are going to have a two-month vacation. This of course includes short trips to my grandmothers' province. Another thing that excites me the most is the beach. Speaking of it, it makes my mind wonder soaking my delicate self in the seawater for long periods of time. And after an all-day adventure in the water stay at one of the villas there. Too bad though that Majorca villas aren't built there. They are only located in the UK area. Another option to stay in are the villas in Ibiza .

While it's good in the UK, tourists could just check out the villas themselves and see if they will love it there. Or they can try looking it up on the website first, find out the villas' offers, check out number of bedroom's availability. With over 1623 properties in total, guests, local tourists and visitors should have plenty of choices. Farmhouse, cottage, apartment, and villas accommodation in Mallorca for your holiday home rental the Balearic Islands.

Now back to my vacation, I am counting the days until the day we leave America and say hello to my native homeland. Can you tell I am that excited? I guess you can relate to me with how I feel if you have lived away from your family for years, right?

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