Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Need A Kitchen Makeover

We are currently working on the house that we are going to move in soon. Thinking about the big expense that we are going to do on this house makes me feel restless mentally and physically for I want to get this over with as soon as possible. There are still a lot of things need to be done in that house.

The kitchen for example needs new cabinetry, new flooring, new appliances and new windows. We really need a kitchen makeover so bad. I wish I can enter this contest that I just found out will bring me hope that we can make our kitchen looking like new. Too bad though only Canadian residents are allowed to enter the contest.

However, if you reside in Canada, you might want to check the contest out and enter to win a $32,000 Dream Kitchen and 12 Frigidaire fridges to celebrate the launch of their delectable new site! Experience the new Maple Leaf Market by meeting the the Butcher, the Baker and the Pasta Maker and make sure to get easy-to-make meal ideas. You can also find useful tips, recipes, coupons, contests and more! So if I were you I'll go check it out now. Who knows you might win!


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