Saturday, October 24, 2009

FOR RENT Sign In The Yard

As we came home from our house tonight I felt a little sad seeing the FOR RENT sign in the yard of this house because it's been our home for the last over three years. I can't believe we are leaving here soon and with that being said, I am gonna miss this little house that we rented all those years. I'm gonna miss the quiet neighborhood, the nice familiar faces of our neighbors, the place itself etc.
Oh well, that's life. We need to move out to take care of our own house and another thing, to have ample space for our baby to play inside the house without the need to go out and ride her bike. I'm anticipating for that time!

1 comment:

Juliet said...

hi anne, maayo diay kay mamalhin namo. asa man dapit didto dapit ilang rose?


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