Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Very Emotional Photo

While we are enjoying our comfortable chair at home, a lot of soldiers are out there in the battlefield away from their family fighting for their country. Take a moment and say a little prayer to our soldiers who risk or have risked their own lives so we may enjoy the freedom we are taking advantage right now. 

If you sister, sister-in-law, a friend or any woman who works for the military and are mothers, do remember them this Mother's Day by sending them warm greetings or you could send out a package for light Tactical Headsets. Although they are supplied with tactical loud speakers and or component products and other stuff from the government, of course it is different receiving something from someone dear to them.

I am on Facebook right now and there is this very touching photo of a male soldier hugging his baby that shows extreme emotion. Seeing this makes me more appreciative of those people who went to fight for their country leaving families behind. To all you soldiers out there, male and female, I salute you all and please know I have so much respect for you guys! For me you all are real heroes!


A Soldier's Wife said...

Being an army wife ain't easy but we gotta be strong not only for ourselves, our family but most especially for our beloved soldiers who are fighting for their lives for us to have and enjoy our freedom..Thanks for your post dai.

Jordasche Cathleen Kingston said...

That is unbearably sad :....(


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