Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Social Share Buttons are Up, Finally!

I spent almost an hour trying to install the social share buttons for this blog. A few of my fellow hoppers complained about not seeing my share buttons below my blog post yesterday so I had to fix it... and just when I thought I had fixed it, I joined the social share thread on FB and then I hear the same complain again this morning. Could it be that they use a different browser than mine? I use Google Chrome as always but there seemed to be no problem on my end.

Anyway, to end the misery of not seeing my share buttons, I had to look for another code or site that offers easy instruction for installation. At last! Found it and didn't take me long to install the said buttons. Earlier, I almost lost my patience because the more I screw the HTML code of this blog, the more I messed up. Good thing my baby here is doing her thing and didn't bother me much. 

I believe I have installed the necessary buttons correctly so it is good to go....

1 comment:

Redruby said...

i can see all ur social buttons guapz..unsa imong gamit? patudlo ko beh..last week sulay pud ko butang pero di nako makuha ang code sa sharethis..TIA guapz!


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