Friday, March 7, 2014

I Feel Bad

I feel bad for my husband was late at his off-duty job at the bank. I was at the store, taking my time and not thinking that he had to leave in the house at 12:30. I got home at 12:46. While at CVS, I was really taking my time going back and forth aisle after aisle, looking at my coupons, thinking a lot on what sort of deals should I avail. I ended up spending a good two hours in that store alone plus the time it took me to drive back home. Poor husband, he was late. 

He called me twice on the phone and texted once. I didn't see all of them until I got home. I feel really guilty now. He told me last night that he has a bank duty today but I didn't think he would go because he feels sick, yet he went. That completely forgotten in my mind while I did my couponing. I am just gonna make up for him this weekend...

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